Saturday, April 25, 2009

Where to stop...

While coming back home from work…I find long empty service road with yellow street lights waiting for me to walk and talk to myself quietly in my own company of thoughts. I have walked on this street almost everyday for four years of my work when I was in Thane. All vehicles on highway pass by as if they are in some race and hurry to reach their homes back. I take my own time and keep walking with luggage on… my book, thinking of Hank, Dagny, Francisco, John galt ( all characters from the book Atlas shrugged which I am reading since a year ) clients, meetings, blogs, pictures to be updated, next travel destination, next new book, all people whom I met rescently after span of 10 to 12 years accidently either while traveling or waiting on bus stop or asking directions in a new place or their mails or by facebook. I thought, why are they meeting me suddenly now?? Is there any meaning behind it .. and I laughed... I was on my logical mode and question answer sessions… some things you should never ask in life .. that looses its charm.. long back I read a book of my fav. Marathi writer Mr. V.P. Kale.. he wrote in Marathi something like” Its important to know - water is life and few curious people wanted to analyze more so they found - its chemical formula is H2O..but then you should stop after that analysis… don’t go on asking.. It will loose its charm!! you should enjoy things, the way they are :)

This service road is parallel to express highway and just simply divided by a row of trees between both. When you walk on that road you don’t hear neither chaos nor people fighting ( the way they fight everyday in local trains) its very lonely and quiet. I love it ...when its like that. I can walk for hours on that road alone. A long road which is never ending and clear too ;D

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You will follow me!!

Then, drawn by, sense of irresistible certainty, she found herself descending the stairs, slipping away from the crowd, not toward the platform and the exist but, into the darkness of the abandoned tunnels.

You will follow me, she thought – and felt as if the thought were not in words, but in the tension of her muscles, the tension of her will to accomplish a thing, she knew to be outside her power, yet she knew with certainty that it would be accomplished and by her wish…no, she thought not by her wish, but by its total rightness. You will follow me – it was neither plea nor prayer not demand, but the quiet statement of fact, it contained whole of her power of knowledge and whole of the knowledge of the she had earned through the years. You will follow me, if we are what we are, you and I, if we live, if world exists, if you know the meaning of this moment and can’t let it slip by, as others let it slip, into the senselessness of the unwilled and unreached. You will follow me – she felt as exultant assurance, which was neither hope nor faith, but an act of worship for the logic of existence.

Ayn Rand, Atlas shrugged

Monday, April 6, 2009

What’s more exciting??

After having a good conversation with my friend about destiny and efforts. I am thinking…What is more exciting in life to achieve the goal or the journey towards the goal irrespective of the result? Most of the times it happens that exciting journey eventually ends into success or the journey is so tough, that drains you out completely and you don’t feel anything about success.

I believe “The journey matters the most!!
During the journey you keep doing things as per the strong gut feeling which you get while working towards the goal irrespective of result.

While walking in NID pigeon path few people used to choose straight road amongst the two pathways that lead to hostels. I used to choose the one with many turns amongst the trees. You never know whom you might meet on the way. I think that’s the thing which keeps me going ahead “Mystery in the journey “. Sometime I feel, its irritating that you don’t know how and where you are heading to even if you know the ultimate goal. You meet with many life changing experiences during that journey. It might happen that this whole experience is more thrilling than the success of the goal. I guess nobody like things which you get easily in life. We need Masala in life to tell others and to enjoy ourselves through that. It gives you a kick. It’s like you put yourself in the most difficult situation that you can ever think to check your tolerance and you will be thrilled throughout that experience that you will be least bothered about the result.
One of my friend said, Do the most difficult things in life or the things which scare you the most…it will increase your confidence and believe in yourself! Dar ke aage jeet hai !!

I remember when I was a kid I used to sleep during the annual examination preparations completing my studies very well in time. I was much organized. Others used to be awake at that time also and preparing for studies. And as soon as the exams are over I didn’t used get the sleep at all till the result comes out. That worry part I hated the most. I used to wonder why I am not able to sleep though I have written all papers very well. The thing was, I wanted to be amongst the rankers and to achieve that I used to slog in the limited time but I think I never enjoyed that. I did it because it was just a process for me. There is nothing like a process oriented thing in life whatever you do in a nice organized way become boring after some time. Spontaneity is more important. How ever you do good planning for all the things, you can not plan the innocence which you get in the spontaneous act. Things become thrilling and exciting at that point of time…