Wednesday, March 25, 2009

one thing is NEEDED

Every window has an opportunity,
Every act has a positive impact,
Every closed door offers an opportunity to knock the next door,
Every blocked road has a small pathway as a substitute for your foot prints
which we never observe, We just walk unknowingly...
Every NO is taking you to the biggest YES in your life,
Every negative word is meant to check your believe in your positive thoughts,
Every sacrifice makes you to earn more RIGHT feeling inside,
Every offered help to someone, helps you to sort out your own problems courageously,
Every confused state makes you to follow your own instinct
which is spontaneous and which you want to do!!
Every raised eye brow in astonishment makes you do things which you have never thought of …
Every sad moment will help you to understand true happiness,
Every adverse situation creates the most favorable situation,
You do not need a crane to move a mountain, you need a WILL to pick up stones and keep them aside as per your strength.

Only one thing is needed to understand this... change your point of view!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I read this ...

"You and love is still my argument " - Shakespeare