Friday, January 23, 2009


I read this today:-

Even a small dot can stop a big sentence, but... few more dots can give a continuity,

amazing but true, every ending can be a new begining!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Waiting back ...

Right now I am very happy and contented !! its an after effect of things happening to me in last 15 days. I am experinecing extreme emotions in these days. Suddenly I am very happy and suddenly very nervous. I think of something and feel charged up to change life and suddenly I need energy to stand. New year has definately brought fantastic news in my life about my loved ones. I feel people are doing so many things.

What am I doing sitting at home?? watching t.v. , reading books, travelling to different places neraby, giving interviews..meeting really very few friends who remaining in the city, rest has travelled abroad and settled there with respective familes and living QUALITY LIFE.. and what am I doing here??

What's the defination of QUALITY LIFE in my terms..

Why I have prefered to stay here when rest of the world is running somewhere else..

Does everyone actually know why they are running behind something?

Are they so sure what they want from life??Where is the peace of mind gone ?? Is everyone actually Happy in what they are doing or with whom they are staying or with what is happening around the city or in the world?

I feel many of them in the crowd have become numb and self centered. They don't know things beyond their life. I see in buses senior citizens standing, wherever it is written seats alloted to them ..young ones are sitting and nobody says anything. In train people keep pushing, blaming, fighting all the time. nobody has a second to be patient and to help each other to make this small journey peaceful and calm. I get up when I see an old woman standing next to me to offere her my place and also have seen other women who are young and strong fighting for that seat. I wonder why everyone has become so selfish can't they realise what is needed by the situation??

I don't run now a days to catch a train when I know I can catch the other train after 5-10 mins more. I walk with my own pace like a slow and steady tortoise, without bothering about rest of the crowd wherever its running. I reach on time and do things what makes me happy deep inside my heart. One year before I was in the similar phase when I used to say while doing all the things " Everything will fall in place because I am playing my part very well!! " I wish everyone realises their "PART" which has to be played WELL from their end, so that things can be more comfortable for everyone around.