Monday, December 22, 2008

I want to be a star...

What is life ??
I keep asking this question to myself, and when I don't get the answer ..
I look the criss cross lines which are there on my palm,
People say those lines decide what is going to happen in LIFE
Is it really like that??
What happens when someone wants to really CHANGE something very strongly in life
Do these lines change for some one's wish?
or they stay there as it is
so that the person can look at them and console himself
" This is life and I have to accept it .."
But I never wanted to ACCEPT these thoughts , I wanted to fight ..

I think you can change your destiny
I always faught for everything in life and never got a single thing on a platter
I never complained though, but now I feel
I want everything THE WAY I WANT ....
Isn't life checked my patience enough !!
27 years of life is a graph which is never constant
I'm still struggling looking at the lines, someday they will CHANGE for me
I want to relate those experiences of LIFE to these lines
How do I do it??
I laugh on my thoughts, but I DON'T CARE !!
I still believe I have courage and strength in my little hands to fight and be there up in the sky with stars !!

When I was a kid I read story of Dhruva .. who was so determined that god gave him position of a star in the universe i.e. the pole star Dhruva, which you will find constantly in North direction shining brightly than the other stars.....whenever I was low in my life I made a wish that I want to be that star ..check my patience but place me there so that nobody can move me from that place...I think the time has come that I want to make that wish again.