Monday, February 9, 2009

Best decision ever made!!

I was watching grand finale of the programme called " sa re ga ma pa little champs " on zee tv marathi... and the winner is " Kartiki Gaikwad" a girl from Alandi, Maharashtra. I am following this programme on every monday and tuesday since last five months. I so so wanted her to win but I was thinking while watching the programme that public voting thing will be something else and not at all predictable. I heard the result and said " this is the best decision ever made by judges and public". yooohooooo :) Fighter always wins..
she was out of the programme in between due to lack votes but came back with wild entry and the come back was super duper hit. Later the graph of her performance went higher and higher. I loved her personally due to her different voice, choice of songs and she used to sing the songs which are composed by her father who is also a singer in Alandi. You need courage and faith to do that when the others were singing the most popular compositions.

Undoubtedly all the five candidates are wonderful and varied from each other but there is something about Kartiki. At one point,I wanted that there shoudn't be any winner choosen because they are so good and there can not be any comparision amongst them.
But then somebody has to win in a competition, so I was thinking ..whose that one??

It has to be very young and cute Kartiki who is bold, enthusiatic, active, fighter, expressive and experimental. I found this programme is the most genuine amongst all the other programmes I have seen. Judges were amazing in giving the right feed back in right words considering the age group of candiadates.