Wednesday, November 26, 2008

She …

I listened to you
And I thought…
I really know how you feel
At this moment …

When nobody is with you,
You are all alone,
Going through finer detail,
Trying to connect everything happened …
And you realize,
Something is there in between both of you,
Which we can't deny
But the fact is so conflicting
We still aren't together!!

Just because she don't want to listen to her heart
And allow her self to be free to love someone
It's something very natural and beautiful
To be in this feeling
I feel so right when I think about her!!

You don't want to spend whole life without her
And you expected this will happen
One more time… NO
You think..
I have heard NO every time in life
But don't know how to stop this thing I have started
It's not in my hand I have controlled enough
Now I am setting myself free
And going to do what I really want
So that I can be with you all my life
Though you had said NO...

I thought, I am living those moments again with you
Walking back in my memory lane
you reminded me of my earlier days
when I did the same thing
what she is doing now…
I didn't allow myself to be free and express
What I really want ...
Due to my few principals and guilt
I will not call that a mistake
But I lost something precious for sure …

I was as crazy as you are
As madly in love as you are
As tender as you are, when you talk about her
As restless as you are right now
When she isn't around

I wrote every conversation in my diary
And kept pages of all scribbled thoughts
Did all stupid intuitive things
From FLEAMES to read daily fortune of both

I found you everywhere in some form
No matter, whether I am working or walking back home
Your words, your laughter, your thoughts
Captured my mind to the last fraction of a second
I understood every single clue which time has shown
Those made me think
I should still wait for you
I so knew that I want to be with you !!

I couldn't imagine that
I have reached so far
Just for you …
A simple person like me
Who wanted to live life the way it's coming…
You made me so strong to follow my heart
So I am going to do everything
Just to be with you !!