Friday, June 25, 2010


Sometimes I wonder
these quiet moments
teach you...tell you
so many things
which can not be told
by spoken words...

Sometimes when I sit quietly
sipping hot coffee,
going through all the small details
Big decisions,
Wrong mistakes,
Fractional temptations,
leading to deep frustrations...
all these are taking you somewhere...

I will call it - Evolving everyday
its all part of growing everyday!!

I was observing my reflection
on the window panel,
I could see wrinkles on my face
It's a sign...
that I have struggled and fought so far...
I showed up all the time..
I have to give some credit to myself for that...
I realized, I have EARNED those wrinkles...
I'm not growing old
I'm becoming richer inside.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Talking eyes

I always gets fascinated by eyes. They talk a lot! You don't need words, sometimes a glance is also sufficient to explain things. whenever I meet somebody for the first time the first thing I notice is one's eyes and then smile. I look directly into the eyes and I think it shows few qualities of the person. when you greet somebody with or without the smile or the amount of smile on your face talks a lot about you as a person :)