Friday, October 30, 2009

overheard conversation

I overheard this conversation of travellers sitting next to me. It was in hindi but I have translated that at few places. This couple seemed to be from very poor background.

8:15 PM @ Mahim railway station, Mumbai

Man – When did you come?

Woman – Just now :)

Man – Woh dekha! on that train that actor in blue shirt..Ajay Devgan..woh movie ka add hai na train pe

Woman – Haan.. usaka kya?

Man - I saw him today afternoon, doing one film shooting. Many media people were there and five body guards were with him when he got out of the car. Sidha sada insaan hai!! Apane jaisa … even his complexion is like us!! Not fair. But he is very nice soon as he got down from the car, he waved at the public and smiled ...waited and greeted few people and went to the location. All photographers were clicking snaps.. shayad mera bhi photo aayega news paper me.

Woman – acha hai ..woh bhi apne jaisa hai matlab!

That woman was smiling happily looking at her husband.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happiness ...

"I realized that time and circumstances have favored me. I have been cosseted in the world’s affection, loved and hated. Yes, the world has given me its best and little of its worst. Whatever were my ill vicissitudes, I believe that fortune and ill – fortune drift upon one haphazardly as clouds. Knowing this I am never too shocked at the bad things that happen and am agreeably surprised at that good. I have no design for living, no philosophy – whether sage or fool, we must all struggle with life. I vacillate with inconsistencies; at times small things will annoy me and catastrophes will leave me in – different.

Schopenhauer said happiness is a negative state – but I disagree. For last twenty years I have known what happiness means. I have the good fortune to be married to a wonderful wife. I wish I could write more about this, but it involves love and perfect love is most beautiful of all frustrations because it is more than one can express. As I live with Oona, the depth and beauty of her character are a continual revelation to me. Even as she walks ahead of me along the narrow sidewalks of Vevey with simple dignity, her neat little figure straight, her dark hair smoothed back showing a few silver threads, a sudden wave of love and admiration comes over me for all that she is – and a lump comes into my throat. "

My Autobiography, Charles Chaplin