Saturday, March 19, 2011


Parallel lines never meet,
not even in an imaginary world.
till horizon they remain on equal distance.
same distance between the lines
make them going in right direction at right pace .
You and I are like these lines,
which will never meet.
I'm so trying to reduce the distance,
but then I'm losing my identity...
I won't remain parallel to you.
It will be an intersection...
an intersection gives more broken lines...
no continuity.
It destructs identity of both of us.
I'm wondering if destruction is more peaceful...
at least it will bring an end to all this continuous journey..
or to avoid all these destructions...
I shall walk till the end...
thinking...we will meet in some dreams...
since dreams doesn't have calculations...
Its just a belief.

Friday, June 25, 2010


Sometimes I wonder
these quiet moments
teach you...tell you
so many things
which can not be told
by spoken words...

Sometimes when I sit quietly
sipping hot coffee,
going through all the small details
Big decisions,
Wrong mistakes,
Fractional temptations,
leading to deep frustrations...
all these are taking you somewhere...

I will call it - Evolving everyday
its all part of growing everyday!!

I was observing my reflection
on the window panel,
I could see wrinkles on my face
It's a sign...
that I have struggled and fought so far...
I showed up all the time..
I have to give some credit to myself for that...
I realized, I have EARNED those wrinkles...
I'm not growing old
I'm becoming richer inside.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Talking eyes

I always gets fascinated by eyes. They talk a lot! You don't need words, sometimes a glance is also sufficient to explain things. whenever I meet somebody for the first time the first thing I notice is one's eyes and then smile. I look directly into the eyes and I think it shows few qualities of the person. when you greet somebody with or without the smile or the amount of smile on your face talks a lot about you as a person :)

Friday, May 21, 2010


I have got a new sketch book with colourful I'm doodling a lot!