Monday, January 28, 2008

kept my fingers crossed!!


Feeling light like a pleasent breeze ,
everything is slowed down in a rhythm
and its keeping time with my heart beat...

I'm feeling Happy and want to Live more
like an innocent leaf spurring from tree,
urge to grow towards sunlight...

I'm so contented right now...
with all GOOD things happening around me
which is keeping everyone Happy
I have kept my fingers crossed ..
so that it should last little longer !!!

Joining dots

Some discussions just opens up your mind and trigger many one dot joining the other immaterial of the distances between them can make connections. suddenly we feel everything is related to each thing happens in life. nothing is without a reason. only we are unaware of the reasons behind the things. I belive in it totally!!
sometimes we just CONNECT to some people , we don't require to SPEND time with them... something makes you comfortable with them, which we can't define and forces you within to strike a conversation...we feel nice to share whatever comes to your mind with them ...because they aren't judgemental about you. they are as honest as you are AND TRYING TO understand MEANING OF YOUR CRAZIEST THOUGHT!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Melting ice

I felt hurt ...
Pain like a crack appeared on the surface of an ice,
which grows deeper ...
when its exposed to sudden sunlight

warmth destroys state of an ice
it becomes water ...
transperent , fluid which can't be held...

it looses its solid and tough state
in which nothing can break him,
but a ray of warm light is sufficient
to finish him...

I felt the same in your presence !