Saturday, April 28, 2007


Saying "You can"
not " you must"
the difference
between a
approach which,
values the,
conservative or
approach which
denies the Individual... Philippe starck

"Designers should read about everything except design."

Friday, April 27, 2007

I found...

This is something which I wrote during internship in Delhi...

In 25 years of my life...I found many things, many people....
who affected my life and made me the way I am...

and gave realization to my dreams,
held my hand when I was unable to stand,
taught me to speak, what my heart says
made me bold enough to face circumstances

and they taught me to laugh,
how to express myself without words,
how to bring smile on others face...
they took me to the places I wanted to be

They showed me how to keep faith
when you are shattered
how to believe in yourself,
not to take people for granted,
being little extra careful while talking to people,
so that you don't hurt them

and how to grasp lessons from nature
how to keep eyes wide open to understand,
without speaking a word
to convey your feelings from heart
to believe in dreams and work towards them
and to be a good human being
and many things....

we learn so much from small incidents which we generally forget...
But time always make an effort to teach us that every single thing!!

still there are many pages where nothing was written ....
Few tear drops...
and they taught me to read between the lines and empty pages..

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My hostel room :((

I am totally hating it...I dont want to shift somewhere else from the hostel. I am missing my room already..senti ho gayi hoon...Why man why???? we have to vacate the hostel...white wash kya issi saal karana tha?? It took around 1-2 months to get adjusted my self in my single room( I really get scared of staying alone but josh me aake I chose to stay alone in 3rd sem & 4th sem..slowly I strated liking it) till that time I forced myself on N & R as their third roomie for god kows how many days.... later to A and gave company to people whose roomies were not their..(basicaly all excuses)...

Now I totally love my room...and sketches of celvin and hobbs in the room (whoever has done befor I shift to that room..good sketches), my pin up board, photos, quotes, date cards, poems...view from my balcony, huge neem tree in front of it, cool breeze which comes to my room only...sweet sound of wind chimes which I brought it from Law garden...

I stayed there for two years with my classmates , friends..n did many things..
late night talks, maggi, millenium coffee ( I hardly did that...but many times gave company to my friends..) sitting near middle gate, backfields, chatting under staircase of A- hostel..
sitting n reading books on A-hostel staircase( third floor) gazing at stars,
view of sabarmati in monsoon, mess, sitting on recliners near reck room,
celebrating birthdays near A- hostel,UFO, throwing water, late night chats from passage to across all the floors, giving food to friends, scaring people in the room by entering to their rooms from balcony, midnight singing n playing guitar, late night garba n urge to dance on those tunes till u r tired....

one thing I hate is I really get concious while dancing but I really made a lot of effort to learn garba with teacher like Arpit ...Garba in the backfields...those whole 9 days with preperation from buying garba clothes to finishing assignments as fast as possible, praying for 8-o clock so that insti gets shut and we get more time for dance ..diya dance...whole atmosphere with other people visiting , clicking lots of snaps, dancing with faculties...

going to gym with mandal n jogging in the backfields...

whole night singing n sharing sessions.... bun maska @ paldi char rasta at 4 in the morning, going to Adalaj from their only...coz it was ful moon night...

making crazy plans at 10 in the night that we will leave to Pawagadh by 12 n start patao people for that...n number of times Mocha plans and movie sessions...

washing pile of clothes late night in the laundry room, chatting in cyber cafe near hostel...
doing every possible crazy thing..
Its like a whole new world aloof from world outside...
I enjoyed it totally...n I want to live this again n again with the people around...

something good

"Grown ups never understnad anything for themselves and it it tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them."
Antoine de saint exupery ( The little prince)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Keep smilng :)

Few days back I was sitting in KMC and trying to work
looking at my face, someone told me " Smile while working"
Things will resolve automatically for you.
Your happiness will give way to ideas...

I was in a bad mood; but these words were enough to console me..
I felt like a small school going kid, who is confused, irritated and don't know what to do...
This incident reminded me another comment passed by one of my closest friend when we meet for the first time..
he said that when I am serious , it appears as if something is seriously wrong with me... so smile ..It costs nothing!!

" You cry and you cry alone...
you smile and whole world will smile with you.." V.P.Kale

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Few people

Few people make the world better, just by being in it..
which is so true...
you feel so nice and comfortable with them...
sharing whatever your heart says without hesitations and insecurity.
you want to be with them,
in their ups and downs..
you become happy with them and suffer in their problems...
I always wonder ...
How come we get so involved with someone..
that their every small thing matters to you
their exams, aspirations, love life, family and what not
your world just revolves around them...

My mind

Whatever is in my mind is always differs,
when it becomes reality

I start with something else in my mind,
but ends with something else

You can't decide everything in life ...

Few things just happens when you are busy
in doing something else :)

Monday, April 9, 2007

For LAD 05

Design is modest and not too grandiose on scale...
not too logical in form.....
a reasonable compromise between beauty and utility,
neither overstressing
beauty till it degenerates into ornament,
nor over stressing utility till it becomes
bare and hard.
Robert Pick

Sunday, April 1, 2007

I like...

I like the way you smile at me,
and in return I smile at you

I like the way you talk to others,
and I enjoy watching you engrossed in discussions

I like the way you do your work,
so involved that you are unaware of my presence

I like the way you make your presence felt
and my unsuccessful attempt of neglecting it!!